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Labels and Logos

Updated: Jul 13, 2022

How can we celebrate our differences and help others grow in relationship with Jesus? Here’s Debbie, our Children and Families Minister, with our latest blog post.

Over the last few months, we have been changing and introducing new logos for our groups. Tiddlers and Toddlers, and Crèche, are just two providing information to help everyone have a taste of what attending a group might be like.

Does everyone feel included, welcome, and receive the teaching in a way they can comprehend?

We are all unique, and so are our needs and learning styles. We all use our senses to help us understand others and in our relationship with Jesus.

In society there is a need for people to be aware of differences, so certain days are set aside as awareness days. On 18th June across the world, it is Autistic Pride Day. The aim of this day is to raise awareness amongst those who are not on the autistic spectrum, to see autistic people as individuals who have unique characteristics that provide them with both rewards and challenges. In the same way we all do, but differently. It is up to all of us to accept and accommodate all our brothers and sisters, not just in our Church family but across society, just as Jesus did. We are His logo and label.

We all have a role and a part to play in loving others without judgement, in our awareness of the needs of others, not our own. Sounds easy but it is a challenge.

What do we need to change in our Church, family and thinking to accommodate the needs of others, however different, to grow their relationship with Jesus, while deepening our own?

Let us celebrate each other, without a label, but wear love as our logo.

Have a great week


Children & Families Minister

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