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‘Lifepath Tiverton aims to give year 4 school pupils the opportunity to explore the Christian faith through the ‘life paths’ of the Wesley family (Susannah, John, Charles, Samuel) who have a historic link to Tiverton.


This will be a springboard to encourage them to reflect on their own ‘life path’.


We will be following the lives of The Wesley family (Charles, John, Samuel and their mother Susanna).


Aimed at primary schools in the Tiverton area and surrounding villages.


Lifepath will provide an opportunity for Year 4 children to engage with those from other settings covering many subject areas such as history, creative writing, art, music, RE and PHSE .


The day begins and ends with pupils coming together from different schools for a collective gathering.


We will then separate into small groups to work in four different activity areas

The day will include:

 A live drama about the Wesley family and hear how their faith shaped their lives.

 Learning more about each historical figure, their interests and their passions. Relating their experience of life in the 1700s to life today.

 Hearing about Samuel, the eldest brother who was Head of Blundell’s School in Tiverton.

 Learning about Charles and how music played an important part in his ‘life path’. Consider how the messages behind some of the lyrics in his hymns remain relevant today.

 Hearing about John and his involvement in ‘matters of health’ as he dedicated much of his life to working with the poor and the sick.

 Learning about the importance of prayer for Susanna in guiding and supporting her family.

Lifepath 2024 will run from 4th to 6th June.

Suitable for children in yr4; if your school would like to take part, please contact the our lifepath co-ordinator here 

It takes a whole team of people from across the churches in Tiverton and further afield if you’d like to join the merry band of volunteers, click here.

From teaching to chair-shifting to prayer-support, from teenage to 80+, from experienced children’s worker to complete novice (excuse the pun), from introvert to extrovert, there’s a volunteer role for you at Lifepath.

Don’t worry - if you’re new, you’ll be paired with someone who knows the ropes.

Join in and experience the enthusiasm and joy of Lifepath.

Please note: all voluntary and paid roles at LIFE PATH Tiverton are subject to safer recruitment process and a DBS check if required.


We have a team of great coordinators for LIFEPATH TIVERTON

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