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What is Faith?

Our Vicar Andy is back from his sabbatical with a reflection on faith. What is faith to you? Let us know in the comments!

During my sabbatical I was privileged to have time to think and reflect on a number of things, one of those things was faith, specifically our faith in Jesus Christ! In our day and age, there is a common disconnect between faith and life. On the one hand, faith is often called upon in our world, looked at, as a virtuous thing. It might be increasingly less honorable or virtuous to identify as a Christian, but to be a person of faith or whatever that means is still considered more or less noble. Yet, what the world means by faith is often radically different than what the Bible means when it stresses the necessity of faith. I think that according to our secular age, faith is little more than positive thinking. It's an add-on or a fall-back when our carefully crafted plans fail and when things move outside of our control. For many, the only time faith really comes into play is when we encounter something that we can't think our way through or pay our way out of. Then, like Indiana Jones, we take a leap of faith and hope against all hope that it works out. That's not how the Bible understands faith. At the end of chapter 10 of the book of Hebrews the author tell us "my righteous one shall live by faith." You see, according to the author of Hebrews, faith is the principle that we live by. It's not something we retreat to as a last ditch plan. Faith is what sustains the people of God in the good and the bad, and it's the means by which we persevere as the people of God. And chapter 11, a chapter sometimes referred to as the Hall of Faith, talks about men and women who throughout the scriptures, demonstrated lives of persevering faith in Christ and the promises of God. So that we as the people of God here in the 21st century would first of all, grasp how important faith is for living our lives as Christians and what it means when the Bible talks about faith. Faith, as we will hear can't be our Plan B when Plan A fails.


  1. Faith is what keeps us going.

  2. Faith is the engine that drives us.

  3. Faith lies at the heart of how we flourish as the people of God living in God's world.

This week we are calling ‘Back to Church’ Sunday. This is an opportunity for you to invite someone to discover who you have faith in, the person of Jesus!

Our faith can be strong if the object of our faith is strong and of course, God in Christ is!

As I return to ministry after my sabbatical I am more convinced that it is through a living, active and passionate faith in the one who gave up everything for you and for me. That Jesus makes a difference in every part of our life, the good and the not so good and the really hard bits too.

As a community of faith, let’s show to those around us the difference Jesus makes and welcome all to meet Him.

I am so glad to be back with you, standing together as Jesus’ church here in this place. Every Blessing


Click here to find out more about Back to Church Sunday! All are welcome!

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1 commentaire

Dan n Kim Burt
Dan n Kim Burt
04 sept. 2023

So good, thank you. Loved that it is the object of our faith that is the key. Not ‘our’ faith but Who our faith is in! I’m learning to trust in and rely on Him in shops, cafes and even in the park, following His nudges as I go. What a difference Jesus makes indeed. It’s quite a ride…!!!

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