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Who Will You Invite to Alpha?

Is there someone you could you invite to Alpha this October? Here's our Ordinand Sarah Rock-Evans with our latest blog post.

Can I invite you to take a moment to bring to mind someone who doesn’t yet know Jesus? They may be a friend or family member, or someone you see regularly but don’t know. Now imagine what might happen if they came to faith; imagine the prayers they might pray, the blessings they could bring, the transformation that could take place in their life. Now take a moment to pray for that person to know the Lord, trusting that God is faithful in hearing and answering our prayers.

In our culture where faith is often regarded as a private matter, it’s really important that we create spaces and places for people to ask questions and explore who Jesus is. It’s now 45 years since the Alpha course started in London and on Thursday 20th October, Andy and I will be offering an 8 week Alpha course, meeting each Thursday at 7pm in St Paul’s Church.

Is there someone you could invite to come and see what Alpha is about? Or would you find it a valuable place for your own questions? All are welcome to join us, to listen, to ask and to enjoy cake together!

Alpha is all about beginnings and a fresh start. For those who haven’t been part of church, it can be a chance to hear Jesus’ invitation for the first time. Even for those who come along with previous experience of faith or church, Alpha offers a new chapter on that journey, an opportunity to revisit the main foundations and threads of the Christian faith.

It was wonderful for me to witness the way the Holy Spirit worked through Alpha when we ran the course earlier this year. Several participants really grew in their faith; to see their joy and watch them now serve in church and bless others is a great privilege. At the end of the course one of our guests said “You guys and Alpha were a big part in me overcoming some of the “stumbling blocks” that I’d come across in the past in my faith journey – so the course was a massive help to me!” Wouldn’t it be amazing to take more people on that journey of discovery?

Can encourage you to join me in praying about who to invite to our new course, to be bold and hopeful, and to look forward to more new signs of growth in our midst.

With blessings

Sarah Rock-Evans Ordinand

Click here to find out more and sign up to our Alpha course starting on Thursday 20th October 2022!

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