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Want or Need? That is the Question...

When you were a child, what did you want to be when you grew up? Did you fulfil those childhood ambitions, or did life turn out a little differently? Here's Debbie, our Children & Families Minister, with our latest blog post.

Want or need? That is the question...

I have been reading a book about helping children grow as disciples. It has added value for my Lent reflection too. There is a part in the book where it suggests asking children what they want to do when they are older. The question following that is why?

Is the ambition to be successful in a job role, in a relationship, to have financial security? All good questions in a secular world, of which we are all part. How relevant are they in our measure against being Christ like? Is the job we are doing our passion? Do we represent Jesus in all we do?

Lent has been a time for reflection, to challenge ourselves, as Christ himself was challenged in the wilderness. Do we have the ability to take on new things or the ability to say no and lay things down so that our busy lives leave space for us to talk and spend time with God?

As babies we form attachments to those who care for us, our needs are met, and we are happy. Does the same happen when we are adults and attach ourselves to Jesus? Do we understand our need for Jesus in our lives, our thinking, our actions? Are we fully dependent on Him?

We all need certain things, like a roof over our heads, but we know of refugees and people who have entered our lives, who do not have this. We all need to feel safe and free. In Jesus we have freedom to choose, we have self-will. The Holy Spirit constantly challenges us to think through our choices, especially in need and want.

In the film Nanny McPhee, Nanny informs the family she will stay while she is needed, but when she is wanted and not needed, she will no longer stay. We are all blessed that God remains with us in our need and in our wants. We may not always get what we want, however, in Jesus we receive what we need.

I hope that during this season of Lent you encountered Jesus in a way you never have before. May Easter bring you untold blessings. He has risen, Jesus is alive!


Children & Families Minister

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