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The Small Things Can Change Us!

Updated: Jul 15, 2023

What has been the most memorable 'light-bulb' moment in your faith journey? Let us know in the comments! Here's this week's blog post from Licensed Lay Minister, Jude

We can sometimes talk about ‘light bulb moments’ and I wonder if that’s from the idea that they can be quick to come on and quick to go out. Have you had any times recently when a small idea becomes an opening for something a bit different. Something with the potential to become more?

We were chatting before the staff meeting this week about the God’s Big Picture talk series and how you can know something both in your head and your heart but suddenly that ‘light bulb moment’ occurs and you move to a whole new level. The depth and path of what you feel and understand changes radically.

It happened today with something different. I have been exploring over the last few months daily Ignatian Spirituality exercises (no dumbbells needed!). It has been a bit of a gentle but mind-blowing experience.

This morning exploring how to engage better in close conversations with God the author uses the analogy of the 'Coffee Shop Conversations' we have, and encourages us to chat to God in the same way. Again, it’s kind of something we all do but just those words ‘coffee shop’ took me to a whole new level. It felt as if in all that God was there excited at the process and cheering it on. Enjoying the newness and the closeness like friends sharing life as we do over good coffee. The time was precious, and I didn’t want it to end.

These little changes in our relationship with with God often come when you are not looking, there are no big signposts just a quick unexpected intervention on this lovely journey. Like the hope giving faith question from a long standing friend causing us to send an arrow prayer for words, the Spirit filled moment in a new place or that whirlwind in worship through words and music. They come in their speed and richness blessing us as gold and riches never can. They leave us changed, developed a bit and feeling very blessed.

Wishing you all small pieces of God given riches!


(Licensed Lay Minister)

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