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Skating On Thin Ice

Are you a risk taker? Or do you prefer to play it safe? Here's Debbie, our Children & Families Minister with our latest blog post.

Before Christmas I was privileged to accompany a group of young people, together with Jonathan, Kevin, and Charles, on a trip to Plymouth for shopping and ice skating. On the Saturday morning, we woke to find it had snowed! It was glorious to look out onto the fresh snow. I left for the train with the snow floating down. It was so atmospheric. I think we were all hopeful for a white Christmas! The trains were still running, so we arrived in Plymouth where it was raining! A journey of very differing weather conditions and locations. From countryside, seaside, and urban environments, dressed in snow in one place, to looking like a beach holiday in another. Somehow it made the trip more exciting.

We all went skating, all different abilities and differing ages, but skating is something we can all have a go at. Some had taken gloves to wear in case they fell over and suffered an injury if colliding with a skater. It is a risky, and for some a dangerous pastime, skating. One of the leaders didn’t skate, in case of injury. Sensible as we all must weigh up life’s activities and situations and decide which risks, we take and which are just too dangerous, impacting on our work, family, and ourselves in getting about. Thankfully, everyone enjoyed the experience, without injury, a bonus. What a joy it was to see all the young people helping and encouraging each other around the rink. It was impressive to see how from being unsure and holding onto the side, to letting go, trusting a leader or a friend and then to let go and skate solo. A risk well worth taking.

It wasn’t exactly thin ice, however, Jonathan (our youth minister) told us how in Germany, skating was second nature to him, as in the winter he, his family and friends would skate on the frozen rivers. It wasn’t a fearful activity as it was just what people did.

The thought I want to leave you with is this, if we spend time with Jesus, read his word and lean on Him, when we are feeling as if we are skating on thin ice, taking a risk, facing a life challenge, we will be so used to leaning on Jesus, it will become natural for us to do so. He will help us 'skate.' Of course, we will encounter, falls, ups and downs, but we can skate with Jesus and be kept upright whatever we are experiencing.

This week let us lean on Him and enjoy all He has to offer, you may be surprised once you let go, you may even be able to skate!

Every Blessing


Children & Families Minister

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