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God's Presence

How and where does God reveal His presence to you? Fresh from the 2022 New Wine Leadership Conference, Vicar Rev. Andy Humm brings us our latest blog post.

I was at a conference last week, where the theme was 'In His Presence!' It was a chance to worship with some of our team members, and many other church leaders from across the UK.

More importantly, it was a time to be renewed by the power of the Holy Spirit and then to be challenged by key speakers.

However, it was of course difficult to marry up the comfortable place and relative peace, as we gathered, with the ongoing conflict and humanitarian crisis we are witnessing in Ukraine.

I believe though it is this type of situation we all face daily, as we go about the life God has called us to here in Tiverton and the need to seek Him and be in His presence, whilst praying for others and asking God for a miracle to bring peace!

I believe we can be comforted in knowing that 'God’s Presence Is Everywhere.' In Psalms 139:7-12, David says God already is everywhere we might go in this life and the next. God is both massive and mighty, above all creation and is intimately aware of and concerned for His creation.

We can know that 'God’s Presence Takes Up Residence in Every Christian.' We have the promise of God’s constant presence, even when we don’t feel it (John 14:16).

We don’t need to be at a conference or in a special place to know God's presence, 'He can Reveal His Presence to Anyone in Any Manner He Chooses.' He proved this with Moses and the burning bush and many other examples in the Bible. Ultimately, He proved this by sending His Son, Jesus Christ.

'When God Reveals His Presence to You, You’ll Know and Feel It.' Have you ever met anyone famous? There is a sense of excitement. You can’t miss it! It is the same when God draws near you. When He does, imagine He is looking right at you—smiling. We usually can’t predict when God will make His presence known. It could be at a huge event, a small prayer gathering, it could be while you’re walking outside or looking up at the night sky. Then again, it could be when you’re working, or out with friends.

Over the next few weeks in our weekly services as we pray, worship and seek Him, we will be leaving a little more space for us to know His presence, to seek His face, to pray more earnestly for world situations, to be filled with His Power, and to be challenged to live for Him everyday. May we know His presence through the Holy Spirit.

Have a great week


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