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Go with God

Debbie our new Children & Families Minister, shares her experience of the last few weeks, as she has settled into her new role with St George & St Paul, Tiverton.

This week I will be entering the fifth week in my new role, as Children and Families Minister. I can honestly say I am being blessed every day in every way and enjoying getting to know my new Church Family, although it may take a while to perfect names, so please forgive me.

I have been welcomed into a new team and Church family, and am absolutely blown away by the love and presence of the servers and clients of Breakfast and Lunch on the Go. It is amazing that we can serve our community, giving out love in a food and liquid form.

Praying our actions will say more about our faith than any words possibly could.

I have volunteered in Children’s ministry for many years. However, working in a school I had to meet the curriculum and couldn’t share aspects of my faith-life. I did once take my younger son into the primary school and bathed him in his brother's class, but, I wasn’t able to say he was being baptised on the following Sunday, or say why this was important to me and my family, just explain how to do the practical task of bathing.

I am now able to share, with the children and young people, my joy of life in Christ and how my faith, having Jesus at the centre of my all, helps me accept what I can’t explain and walk or dance in worship to my King. This can sometimes mean learning to look for rainbows in the storm or dancing in the rain, it isn’t easy!

I know that Jesus calls the children to him and that children and adults alike are equal in God’s eyes. This is my passion, which I know I share with many in the Church Family, to share Jesus’ love with and for the children. To listen and really hear. To hopefully sow a seed of faith that they themselves will grow with Jesus. It’s so amazing that I have the privilege of meeting with the Children and Families, praying, supporting and serving with joy.

I don’t know what God has in store, but I do know I have to trust and obey, the rest will fall into place.

Let’s all go with God and see where the adventure takes us. Debbie

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