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The Wonder of the Story

It's our final blog post of 2022! Rev Andy Humm reminds us that it's never too late to experience the wonder of the Christmas Story! Have a wonder-filled Christmas & we will return with more blog posts in the New Year!

Let me wish you a happy Christmas! This week as we celebrate the birth of Christ we hear again the Christmas story. Let us not pass over it too quickly, nor think we know the story inside out and it cannot teach us anything.

I am amazed each year as I hear the story, especially as told at the crib service: the simplicity and naivety of the nativity. The simple understanding shown in the faces of children demonstrates once again that the truth of the Gospel communicates with all of us, whatever our age and whatever our circumstances.

As we ended 2020, many of us hoped that 2021 would be easier, and the same thought was on our hearts as we entered into 2022. The reality is that not one of us could have known what was to happen, and how our lives have been changed over the last few years.

Yet in the truth of the nativity, we see the face of God in the flesh, we see the adoring parents, the praising shepherds, the majesty of the wise men. Yet all of this is not just for then, it is for each of us now!

Allow your heart to be like that of a little child, wonder in the simplicity, bringing praise for the truth of what has unfolded, and acknowledging He is your King! For what is to come Jesus is Saviour of the world, at his birth and on the cross!

That Story teaches us how to live and love – within a battered old scene and the shadow of a merciless cross, we have the opportunity to care, and be understood. Live out the story in your hearts and minds today

Happy Christmas

God Bless

Andy (Vicar)

Why not join us in celebrating the birth of a New King on Christmas Day, 10am at St Paul's Church, Tiverton! Click here for more details of our upcoming services and events.

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