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What's Your Passion?

What's your passion? Let us know in the comments below. Here's Jude, one of our Licensed Lay Ministers, with what brings her joy.

All of us I guess have a passion for something, be it supporting the local football team, craft, walking, dogs or cooking. Passions give us pleasure in life, time to be with other like-minded people or have 'time out.'

Our blogs in Weekly news often come out of things we care about, things that touch our hearts and so it is with me this week.

It will come as no surprise to most people that I have always had a real love of cooking for others, and helping at the Team Thank You Brunch last Saturday was no exception. It was an absolute joy to see people who do so much, having the chance to just 'be' share life and catch up. Teams that outreach to children, teenagers, schools, community and those of other faiths or none. I was chatting to a neighbour last night and she was astounded at the number of people involved in our teams… far bigger than many congregations! So thank you each and every one of you for all you do and for the gifts Jesus has given you!

One of my other passions is sharing life and Jesus' love with others, and that includes Small Groups. They are really special places where we can learn and be together and go deeper. At the moment our group has chosen to look at the book of Acts and even within the first four chapters out comes teeming things close to our hearts. We shared together our experiences of the Holy Spirit in us, we see the changes in Peter from coward to skilled orator, from humble men to chosen people who will form the church as we know it now, spreading the gospel not just with their words but with who they become. 'Walking the walk' and being seen as different in their love and care for each other, and people they meet. Being different when populations are fed up with organisations just 'talking the talk.'

Small groups are tiny bites of church, they are places of love, support and sometimes too of very strong discussion, but if you haven't yet dipped a toe in the water I would say with passion have a go, try it. And if you too have a love of sharing life and Jesus, why not offer to try helping a group to get together?

Meanwhile, this week, we recognise that without the Holy Spirit nothing would be as it is. Without those given gifts we are nothing and let us carry on praying, trying to 'walk the walk', being seen to be different, sharing life with others and not just 'talking the talk.'

May God bless each and every one of you,

Jude, Licensed Lay Minister

Interested in joining a Small Group? Get in touch with Stephen Clarke via

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