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The Name of Jesus

Rev. Charles Wheeler, proud new parent and Curate at St George & St Paul, Tiverton, brings us a reflection on fatherhood in this week's blog post. Read more below...

Our daughter, Eliza Joy Wheeler was born on the 14th September 2023. We have found ourselves filled with joy daily as we have been spending time with her. Her arrival has meant many changes and additional responsibilities, but these do not take away the joy we feel having received this amazing gift from God.

I'm responsible for Eliza's evening feed. After all the disturbed nights, Miriam is in bed around 8pm and I have Eliza all to myself. These are precious and holy times. I watch her with a sense of wonder as she sleeps and feed her when she wakes.

Alone with Eliza I pray over her for God's blessing and protection, and for her to come to love the name of Jesus herself. Those are our greatest longings for our daughter. I imagine many of you also have the same longings for your own loved ones.

Whilst flicking through the Psalms I found these longings expressed in a single prayer which I have been praying every night and I hope this prayer is also a gift to you: 'But let all who take refuge in You be glad; let them ever sing for joy. Spread your protection over them, that those who love your name may rejoice in you' [Psalm 5:11 NIV].

That's our prayer for Eliza, but also for our friends, family, fellow members of Christ's church, the people of Devon and everyone we know! That we would receive God's protection and that we would love the name of Jesus. I hope this prayer will be a gift for you and all you pray for this week. Every blessing Charles (Curate)

Find and read a longer version of Charles' blog post 'Reflections on Fatherhood: The Name of Jesus' here!

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