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Simple Pleasures

Earlier this week was 'Blue Monday,' said by some to be the saddest day of the year. On these cold and darker days before spring, what simple things bring you joy? Let us know in the comments!

Christmas Day was an unusual one this year as our families were all joining us later because of work shifts and that dreaded Covid! The busyness was replaced with the lovely late night Christmas Eve Service, a quiet morning and time to ponder on the importance of the gift of Jesus. Time to share together more carols, old films, a simple meal and log fire reminding us of our first Christmas together in the snows of North Wales. Time to rest and contemplate before the hordes arrived.

Then after the fun and noise of our second Christmas, was a week of preparation as we packed to leave for some time in the snows of Northern Norway. No matter how well we think we have planned things there is always that last minute panic of sorting the dog and horse and then the dreaded packing.

We have two styles of packing in our family. One inherited by me of trying to take everything but the kitchen sink… just in case, and Reg's style which (if he could) would be one small bag containing lots of books but few clothes! So tonight it's a case of weeding out the extras so travelling is easier. Not only that, if I can manage it and have some sense, there is something special about having few possessions that strips away life to the important basics.

We left to go to a land where the tradition is to have lights and candles in your window, a welcome warmth in the long dark days of winter. Where Hygge style comfort focuses on being together, on good simple food and drink, blankets and warm jumpers and cosy socks. Simple pleasures to combat the extreme cold and lack of sunlight. Simple pleasures that we can activate in these days of uncertainty.

Wherever we are this week, it's good to reflect on the Christmas experience again. What there is when we strip away the trappings, to the gift of Jesus, the sheer joy of what he brings us.

When we gather together as church family and can delight in the light Jesus brings to our lives, joy that we can share and celebrate. Joy that others can see, that costs nothing and can stay with us forever.

No matter what life brings...simple

'Joy is the fuel God injects our life to run on.' Romans 15:13

Every Blessing

Jude Licensed Lay Minister

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