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Have You Seen Him?

Whether you have been at home or ventured further afield, where have you seen God at work lately?

(Written the week that the UK government announced the lifting of all remaining Covid-19 restrictions will be delayed for at least a month)

SO...things are not going to happen exactly how we hoped they would…

~Lockdown is not being lifted, yet!

~We still can’t sing in church.

~And are we still going to work out how to use Zoom?

If everything turned out how we hoped or wanted, things could be boring and we would not need to be creative. In working out how to live our lives each day for Jesus in lockdown it has been a challenge – I nearly came to church the other day in my slippers! I believe God in Christ, longs to surprise us and reveal more about Himself to us, even in these present times. I love hearing what God has been up to and I am challenged to look for Him and His hand in my life. Perhaps it was a timely card, or box of sweets in the post, a laugh out loud comment that brightened your day, a healing or a co-incidence (or should I say God-incidence) that helped resolve a situation or gave clarity. I have been challenged to keep my eyes open to what God may want to do and to be asking "Where are you working Holy Spirit?" We had some testimonies in church a while back, describing the things (small and large) that God had been doing in peoples' lives, or how he had encouraged them. What have you seen God doing? How have you been amazed? We would love to hear from you. Even when things aren’t going how we hoped, God in Christ is still at work. Have you seen Him? Glad you choose to connect with us. Every Blessing, Andy

How has God been working in your lives lately? Post a comment below or send us an email at and let us know!

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1 comentario

22 jun 2021

I have seen God at work twice lately. Its scared me that I could feel it so intense. It's like you cant run or hide from him. I tried to email the times and what happened. Would Andy or Justin be able to ring me please. Thank you

Me gusta
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