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Are you feeling called?

How is God calling you to build His Kingdom here on earth? Here's Jonathan Schnarr, our Youth & Children's minister, with our latest blog post.

Last weekend we went to Lee Abbey together with ninety other young people from all over the South West to worship, pray, hang out and share meals with each other. In the midst of storm Arwen and a massive power outage for most of Saturday we encouraged the young people to think about their God-given calling to live life to the full and be catalysts of change.

As we listened to speakers who lived out their faith in their everyday vocations like politics, trade, health care, parenting and the creative sector, we asked the young people: “Where are your spheres of influence in which you could make a positive impact to build God’s kingdom here on earth?”

It’s a massive question, which takes a while to ponder on and even form an answer for. Over that weekend I have had the opportunity to listen to young people who want to champion a more positive atmosphere in their local schools, want to get involved in and be more outspoken in their C.U.s at college or tackle their own mental health and speak out about depression and suicidal thoughts and through all that, share their faith with others.

It was such a privilege to journey alongside these young people and stir their passions to be people of influence wherever they are, yet it also made me think about my life and church as a whole. What do I feel called to? Where are my spheres of influence in which I can make a change – big or small? Where can church be a catalyst of change today?

I don’t know what you do on a daily basis, but I am convinced that you have a God-given calling, too! Whether you are an events manager, NASA astronaut, charity worker, stay-at-home dad or retired headteacher, you will have opportunities to build God’s Kingdom here on earth every single day.

This Sunday we will be assembling our Christingles during the 10:45 service and celebrating Jesus as the only true light of the world. Yet, as we journey towards Christmas we are also reminded about Jesus’ commission, calling US to be a light in the world – in our spheres of influence, where we have that opportunity to be catalysts of change.

Last weekend the young people have grappled with this challenge and today I want to ask you: “Where are your spheres of influence in which you could make a positive impact to build God’s Kingdom here on earth?” Maybe spend some time this weekend to ponder this question, bring it before God in prayer or worship, journal about it, talk to people around you who know you well and continue to discover your God-given calling anew.

Have a great weekend,


See details of our Christmas services here.

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