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Easter People: Released

We all seem to be waiting…. Waiting for the next set of restrictions to be lifted. Waiting for our first or second vaccination. Waiting for an opportunity to see family and friends. Waiting for church to open without restriction so we can sing!

All of the above are of course important things and worthwhile things to be waiting for.

In the Bible waiting is also mentioned, as we wait for the wanderings in the desert to end, wait for the prophets to be heard and listened to, waiting for the coming Messiah, wait for the resurrection, and wait for the Holy Spirit to fall.

But, once we know the Good News, once we see Jesus, and experience the Easter story afresh and are filled with the Holy Spirit, the time is not to wait!

But to Go! Tell! Act! And be Jesus to those around us!

Let's not let our waiting become an excuse for inactivity or spiritual flabbiness! But a time for nourishment, preparation and of course prayer and testimony of how God in Christ has sustained us!

What is your lockdown story? Can you see God at work? Were you able to know His peace even in times of unrest? Let us know in the comments below.

Give thanks that as Easter people, God promises never to leave us or let us down.

As we discover what it is to be ‘Released’ as Easter people this week in our sermon series, we tell the world Jesus truly is worth waiting for!

Have good week, Andy

Easter People

Hear more from our Easter People sermon series at our 9 or 11am services this Sunday, 25th April 2021.

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