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Are you a Dreamer?

What are your hopes and dreams for the future? Let us know in the comments.

Are you a dreamer? Do you remember your dreams? Do they make sense?

I am one who, if I have dreams rarely remembers them….but at this time I find myself daydreaming and hoping for what is to come. Dreaming of what the future might look like as we move forward over the next few weeks and months.

Dreaming that God would give us His strength and Holy Spirit to be renewed in the opportunities we have as His church.

Yet at the same time, we remember what has been. On 23rd March 2021, it’ll be one year since the first UK lockdown. Since then, millions of people have been bereaved, both as a result of Covid-19 and due to other causes. We will be remembering them with millions of others at Midday on Tuesday 23rd with prayer and reflection (see our Facebook page for more details).

Our prayer and dream is that God in Christ will give comfort to all and of course give us hopes and dreams for the future.

As God speaks through His word, perhaps gives you dreams and pictures, pray that He will speak to you personally and also that He may speak into how we are to dream as the Church here in this place.

In Christ,


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1 Comment

Verity Yeates
Verity Yeates
Mar 22, 2021

Thanks Andy!

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