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2020 Too?

Have you seen the meme? Will this year be 2022, '2020 too' or '2020 (take) two?'

Here's our Youth Minister Jonathan Schnarr with our latest blog post.

A few weeks ago the internet was swamped with a new 'meme' (an amusing or interesting picture often with a caption, which is spread widely online), suggesting that the year 2022 will just be a repeat of 2020, because it can be pronounced as ‘2020 too’ or even ‘2020 II'

Users on social media platforms have been reacting to this new, viral meme in a variety of ways: some joking sarcastically about more lockdowns, others fearing it might be a horrific year, with even more variants and increased infection rates.

Yet others had a more positive take on the meme, saying: “I think rather than thinking of 2022 as ‘2020 too’ we should think of it as ‘2020, (take) 2’ and just have another go at it…”

2022’, ‘2020 Too’ or ‘2020 (take) 2’ – What are your expectations for this new year?

Maybe some of us have already started to introduce new patterns or goals into our lives; to be more energetic, eat healthier, complete that Ultra Marathon (Justin?) or spend more time with God. For some of us. this new year will bring new challenges including exams, a change of job, changing family dynamics and new friends but also potential loss and maybe even failure.

In the midst of these unknowns there is a bible verse which has been chosen as the ‘verse for the year’ in Germany and it can be found in John 6:37: “Whoever comes to me I will never drive away.” Jesus had just used the analogy of the bread of life in his conversation with people gathered around him and now made this promise of unconditional acceptance, of provision and safety.

It is this truth that makes me excited about the new year: To know that we can always run into the arms of a loving, unchanging and faithful God who will always provide, no matter whether this year will look like 2020 or 2022.

I hope you, too, will be able to experience this truth in your life as we find out what God has in store for us over the next 12 months.



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