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Will You Step Forward With Me?

I have been looking back at old photos, partly due to Facebook sending me pictures of what happened on certain dates over the past few years.

As I look back it's fun to see change and growth, but of course also brings bittersweet memories of loved ones who are no longer with us. I find I am being encouraged to see how things have changed and it gives me hope for what is to come.

I have also been looking back at some of the photos of our church family over the last four and half years since I arrived and these too give a picture of a family where we share joy and pain together, certain of the hope we have in Jesus Christ and our assurance of eternity with God. There have of course been less memories made together this last year and we can find ourselves feeling separated, even forgetting about gathering together due to other things now happening. I know things have been very fragmented in many parts of life, not least in our church gatherings!

Let me encourage you to consider gathering again once more, reminding ourselves of the habit of church and making memories that build our faith in God and in each other. It is easy to just look back and not look forward – will you step forward with me and others and begin a new journey as we change and grow and become the church Jesus wants us to be for 2021?

In Christ,


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