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We think about the Ascension this week, that moment when Jesus returns to the Father and the ushering in and empowering of the Holy Spirit draws closer.

If you can remember the days of when we were able to fly to foreign destinations for holidays, you will know the excitement at take off, or perhaps a fear or knotting of your stomach, as the plane roars down the runway and then lifts steeply and climbs into the air. There is often a collective sigh as it levels out, and then attention turns to the excitement of the destination and what we may be doing.

I am not implying that Jesus’ Ascension was on a jumbo jet, but that the excitement and fear that filled the disciples was probably palpable and very real. In that moment, things were changing. The journey and, in fact, the destination of what they knew, was going to change forever.

They needed to heed Jesus’ words to wait, and then they were to be released.

Are you excited about where Jesus might be leading you, what he is calling you to? Perhaps you may be a little nervous or anxious?

Don’t worry but breathe the collective sigh of relief that Jesus is in control and will equip you for all you need for the journey.

Have a great week,


Join us this Sunday at St Paul's for Ascension part 2

9am - Traditional Style Holy Communion Service

11am - Informal Service of Worship (with band led music)

Attend in person - save a seat here

Attend online - head to

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