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A Thought For Mother's Day

Does a mother's concern and care for her children ever truly end, even after they have grown up? Here's Jude, one of our Licensed Lay Ministers, with this week's blog post, reflecting on Mother's Day.

At a recent small group session, after our prayer time, we suddenly realised that many of our prayers recently have revolved around our children. By children I mean adults in their 30’s, 40’s and even 50’s. We laughed and agreed that once a mother or carer, always a carer and there are often women in their 90’s still worrying or praying for their ‘children’ in their 70’s! And for those who have never been able to have a family there is a different kind of worry and pain, that of grief and loss, of their life's plan never coming to fruition.

For me, that started some thought that here in the UK we still have far less to worry about than the mothers and carers in Ukraine, Syria or Turkey, Africa or Iran.

There, added to the mix, are issues of starvations, famines, droughts, war, earthquakes and also sometimes religious persecution. The pain of caring when you feel helpless and being unable to change things is an added burden to seeing those you love suffer or being taken away from you.

Often women deal with these issues alone and unseen by others. Persecution for faith and discovering Jesus puts them at risk of losing their homes and children and renders them extremely vulnerable because of their gender. Many women are left in brokenness and fear for the future.

As we celebrate today the role of Mothers and carers, let us remember the words of David in Psalm 34: 'You are close to the broken hearted, and save those who are crushed in spirit'

Let us pray:

Loving Jesus Thank you that you see and love all your daughters. That none of their suffering is hidden from you, Wherever they are and regardless of age, You walk alongside them. Amen Every Blessing Jude, Licensed Lay Minister

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