Prayer team support

Monday, 13 January 2014

In October I was told I had six skin cancer patches on my face and needed surgery to remove them.

I told a friend in church and she suggested I went to the Prayer Team.   I replied that I couldn't do that as I would be too embarrassed and would go to my daughter instead.   This I did and had wonderful prayers from her and also my two grandsons.

I had the first operation where two cancers were removed - one from my right cheek and one on my forehead.   This took one and a half hours and was a very unpleasant experience as it was under local anaesthetic.  On the way home we called on my daughter telling her I had come for a cuppa, cuddle and a prayer.

Consequently I was not looking forward to my second appointment.

The Sunday before that date was Communion and after I had taken my Communion I passed the two members of the Prayer Team - one I knew slightly and the other I didn't know at all - and there was an empty chair alongside them.   The next thing I knew, I was sitting on this chair and pouring out my fears to them.   They were very reassuring especially when I said I thought my face would look like a patchwork quilt, telling me that I would still be the same person inside.

I felt a lot calmer as the appointment drew nearer and when I went into the operating room I was quite at ease.   The atmosphere was so different and I was even chatting and laughing with the surgeon and nurses.   After removing the cancer from my left cheek, the surgeon asked me what I felt about her removing the next three cancers as everything had gone so smoothly and that would save me having to return in another two weeks’ time.  I replied: Yes, if you have the time.

I am certain that all the prayers I had received from the Prayer Team and my family helped me to relax in this situation.

So when the Prayer Team are there - do go to them for prayers and support - it certainly helped me and I would like to say thank you to them.


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