Friends & Fellowship

Friends & Fellowship starts again in 2018 on Tuesday, 20th February, 2:30pm at St Paul's Church 

We are a group of people who meet monthly for table-top games, a chat, sharing memories, a good tea, words of wisdom from David Lyddon……….and so much more!

Initially set up as group to engage the older people in our church, particularly those attending the Thursday 10am Communion Service, it has become much more than that, with the age-range widening.  We’ve been meeting in St Paul's Church on the 3rd Tuesday of the month from 2.30-4.20.  To get the brain-cells working and to get people talking on arrival, a quiz is set out on tables. 

We have had everything from word-searches, craft, putting names to faces, a ‘feely game’, a memory-box from the museum and even a prize for the most words out of one long word.  We have a growing group of ladies who provide afternoon tea each month and others who support us by coming to chat.  Last year the summer was warm enough for us to have a cream tea in St Paul’s grounds, and the Christmas tea is not to be missed!  


Do come along and join us to make new friends, share your memories and gently exercise your minds. For more details, please contact Val Hicks (see church members' directory).