Bible in a year

Many of you will already be engaged in daily Bible reading, but have you ever read the whole of it?

Here are a few I would like to commend to you a number of resources so we can share in this invaluable experience:

Firstly, Holy Trinity Brompton/Alpha have produced a new app called Bible in one year. This can be accessed via your phone or computer. It has three readings, Psalms New Testament Old Testament with a small commentary on each. It can be started at any time and logs your progress, another benefit is all the bible text is available in audio format read by David Suchet.

Secondly, Youversion bible from, provide a number of options. The best way is to look at their website and choose the plan you prefer.

Finally we have produced a paper based booklet for the year, consisting of Psalm, New testament, Old testament reading. Contact the office and they will ensure there is a copy for you or just pick up a copy from the back of church and start reading.

Which ever you do, please let me know you are going to commit to giving this a go! Then we can all mutually support and encourage one another.