Are you a parent enquiring about this possibility for your child? Or perhaps you are looking to be baptised yourself? Either way, we would be very pleased to take this further with you. As a family-friendly church, we want everyone to be welcomed as a member of our community.

It is worth planning ahead. The first step is to come along on any Sunday to our 10.45am service to get to know us. Generally baptisms and thanksgivings take place on 2nd Sundays in the month. Then you’ll need to contact us at the Office and we will arrange for a clergy visit so that you can talk it through.

There is a variety of types of baptism-service, ranging from one using the font at the front of church to full immersion in the baptism-tank for adults, or even baptism in the River Exe [wetsuits recommended!]. Adult-baptism is sometimes combined with confirmation by the Bishop, a service taking place annually. Alternatively you may choose to have a service of thanksgiving for your child.

Whichever service-format you opt for, baptism will be a memorable marker in your life as a Christian, perhaps welcoming you for the first time to a fantastic world-wide life-support-network, as well as being a public commitment to developing Christian values which will strengthen you as a person whatever life-challenges you may encounter, and on which you will build. It will also provide a qualifying-connection for you to marry in our church should you wish to.

For further information and to find out all about what is involved - whether you are a parent, godparent or expecting to be a guest at a christening or baptism service - click here.