It’s our conviction that the Good News about Jesus is for everyone. But sometimes the imagery and ideas that help to make the Christian Faith accessible to many can make it more difficult to understand for those who have learning difficulties. That’s why our ‘Prospects’ group exists. We aim to provide an environment for worship and community-building that is friendly and accessible to all.

Prospect Celebrations:

On the 3rd Sunday of every OTHER month we join with the Willand group at 3pm.  We enjoy activities such as craft and sharing news and singing. We then have a service of prayer, praise and teaching that is easy to access and interactive. We continue our celebration over a delicious and generous tea!  

Transport is provided to Willand.

Other events:

Every year we have special events and outings . We have been to Spring Harvest and Teignmouth and last year we celebrated with other Prospect groups in the South West in Exeter Cathedral. We also have a Christmas party. Very occasionally we attend events at the church as a group, although several members already attend a church regularly.

Further details are available from Prospect leaders, contacted via the Church Office. Click here.